Know The Value Of An Accident Car In Sydney

Posted On April 27th, 2017

So you were involved in an accident in Sydney and you now have a damaged car. Either it is a fender bender or a more severe collision that may get the car totalled. Once the dust settles down, you will have to consider what to do with the car next and it is at such moments when you will desire to know the value of the car after the accident. After knowing the value, you will then have to think about either Selling the Car to Cash for Cars Company or attempting to repair either. Either way, the value of the car will be pivotal to you making such a decision.

The Factors to Consider

Quite a number of factors will come to play when determining the value of your car after an accident. One of them is the severity of the accident. If the incident was more of a fender bender that left you with broken headlights which can be easily replaced with new ones, then the car’s value won’t take a heavy beating as a result of the accident.

But if the accident was a serious collision where ‘junk removal’ services may be necessary, then this would be a different story altogether. For instance, the car’s value will be significantly affected if the accident resulted in severely dented body panels, broken suspensions and frame damage. Even if you were to restore the cosmetics of such a vehicle and make it look new, the value may be affected by up to 30% due to other internal damages. With such, you may want to consider getting a salvage title for the car or have your insurer purchase it from you instead of trying to fix it.

Knowing the Car Value, Sydney

The appraisal of your car after an accident may be done either by your insurer or a car dealership’s trade-in appraiser. Most of the times, the value your car has lost following an ACCIDENT will be based on the nature and severity of the damage, the quality of the repairs as well as the pre-accident value of the car. The calculated value is known as the Diminished Value of the car. There is no perfect formula for determining it and quite a number of variables come to play in its calculation.

Next Things to Consider

Once the valuation is done, it will be upon you to consider what to do next. If the cost of repairing the car will be more than its actual value, then there won’t be any sense in trying to get the car repaid. Simply call a “Car Removal Company” like Cash Scrap Cars to make you an offer and sell the accident car for instant cash also they will offer you Free Car Removal Sydney wide. The number to call is 0432 555 143.

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