How To Get Cash For Scrapping Your Car?

Posted On May 17th, 2016

Your old or damaged vehicle still holds value as scrap no matter what condition it’s in. When it comes to getting rid of it you can either get it to the wrecking yard yourself or get a car removal service to do the work for you. Cash Scrap Car removes the hassle and will quote you up to $9999 for your scrap worthy car. Here’s how to get cash for scrapping your car.

Getting Your Car to the Wrecking Yard

 If your car is no longer roadworthy you will need to assess your towing options to get it to the wrecking yard. Getting it there yourself may involve towing fees which may outweigh the cash you make in the yard. Car removal services take away the stress and offer free towing. As long as they can get to it easily they will come and pick it up from your driveway. This relieves you from having to move it anywhere. As long as you choose a local company there should be no towing fees.

Obtain Quotes

 Unless you want to haul your car all over town you will generally accept the cash they want to give you at the first wrecking yard you go to. This may not necessarily be the best price you get for it. If you choose to use a car removal service you can jump online and compare quotes or ring around for the best estimate. They may come and perform an assessment or base the quote on the information you have provided.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

 When providing details to the car removal company, be as transparent as possible. The more knowledge they have, the more accurate the quote will be. If you aren’t completely honest they won’t pay up when they come to tow it away which can cause problems and delay the process. They see cars every day and know exactly what to look for so it’s not a good idea to try and fraudulently get more money out of them.

When it comes to getting cash for your scrap car, you can sell it to the yard yourself if you can get it there. Otherwise, use a car removal service such as Cash Scrap Car for a stress-free process. Get a few quotes and be honest when providing information to get an accurate estimate.

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