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Car wreckers are an excellent choice when its time to get rid of your junk or scrap vehicle. Cash Scrap Cars offers car removal and wrecking services at no cost. What’s more, we’ll put up to $9999 cash in your pocket. We offer the fast and hassle free way to get your car wrecked.

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Car Wreckers & Dismantlers Sydney Wide

If you have been saying to yourself that it is time to get your yard cleared of your junk car, then why not get it done the easy way? While it might not be worth anything on the market, or too scrappy to get a trade in value on the vehicle, you can get good cash at Cash Scrap Cars. Our system is one that is fast and always convenient and never leaves you empty handed. If you’ve been thinking it is time to get your yard cleared, then why not give Sydney’s most experienced auto wreckers a call and get a fair price on your vehicle. We pay up to $9999 cash on any make and model of any year and condition. Just give us a call and we’ll make you a cash offer.

We specialise in:

  • Junk Car Removals
  • Car Wreckers in Sydney
  • Car Recycling
  • Disposal of Hazardous Waste
  • Environmentally Friendly

With a staff that focuses on delivering the best car wrecking services and instant cash payments, there is no reason not to give us a call.

Car Wreckers Sydney

 Sydney Auto Wreckers – We Remove It For Free & Pay Cash On The Spot

Cash Scrap Cars services every Sydney suburb with freindly scrap, junk and accident car removals. We’ll even come to remove your vehicle for free if it is simply not worth the hassle of selling, not worth the repairs, or would be a mint condition vehicle with a little cash investment. We pay cash for cars of every condition and the car removal is always free.

With just one call, you can have your unwanted vehicle off your property and get the amount of cash that we offer you over the phone for the vehicle. Sound like a fair deal. It is. Fast, fair and always convenient.

We Don’t Just Collect Vehicles, We Salvage and Recycle the Vehicles.

At Cash Scrap Cars, no car goes into a landfill. And, while the vehicle may be in scrap condition, no vehicle owner goes unpaid for their vehicle. Because of our advanced car wrecking process, we are able to salvage and recycle nearly 100 percent of the vehicle. This system leaves our customers with green in their hand.

Junk for Cash?

You can turn in your junk car for as much as $9999. It may seem like a dream, but it’s very real. And Cash Scrap Cars is what you need to make it all happen.

However, you need to know that not all car wreckers are like us. Others will give you a meager price for your old car. Some won’t even give you a penny. So, think twice before you run to other companies. 

Fortunately for you, Cash Scrap Cars exist. We promise to exchange your car for a price that’s worth it. And we do everything legally, so you have nothing to worry about.

Dos and Don’ts of Scrapping an Old Car for Cash

If you have an old car you need to get rid of, know that you can exchange it for some money. 

And at Cash Scrap Cars, you can exchange your worn-out vehicles for cold, hard cash. And that cash can amount to $9999! But before you head to the nearest junkyard, learn the dos and don’ts of swapping your old ride for a hefty sum.

Be careful of cash transactions.

While cash payment is the best way of getting money for your old car, it can pose some problem. So, before you agree with a cash transaction, make sure you’re dealing with a credible company like Cash Scrap Cars. Or else, you’d have to settle with receiving a check for your scrap car.

Know how much your car could pay for.

Do your research and find out how much your old car costs. If possible, learn how much each part of the vehicle pays for. Don’t readily take big offers because sometimes they’re too good to be true. And you might end up not getting anything at all. But don’t worry when you turn your ride in at Cash Scrap Cars because we will always offer the right amount for it, no less.

Find the best car wrecker company for scrapping your car in exchange for money.

Here at Cash Scrap Cars, we can’t emphasize the importance of a legitimate company that offers money for old cars. You need to be wary of wreckers who offer a high payment for your junk vehicle, especially when you know it’s not worth such a high amount. When you do, you might find yourself living a nightmare. Instead, call us, and know that we have a solid reputation in the industry. Our clients will vouch for us on this. 

Process the necessary documents.

Always comply with the law. When it comes to scrapping cars, you need to inform the proper authority and submit the necessary documents so you won’t encounter any problems along the way. Our professional team at Cash Scrap Cars will help you with the process.

Choose a car wrecker company that will remove your car for you.

Having the wreckers take away your car is more convenient than taking your car to the junkyard yourself. And that’s what we do at Cash Scrap Cars. We are committed to giving you the best experience when it’s time to say goodbye to your old ride. 


What’s the best way to dispose of a car?

The most efficient way to dispose of a car is by turning it over to a scrap yard or a wrecker like Cash Scrap Cars. Here, we will dispose of your old vehicle correctly, and you receive money in turn. Whatever model your car is, we will offer you the best price for it.

Why do some companies buy junk cars?

Some companies, including Cash Scrap Cars, buy old cars and turn them into custom-made vehicles. In short, we rebuild them. By salvaging usable parts, especially the frame, we can bring life to project cars that look new.

What to remove before scrapping a car?

Before you scrap your car, make sure you remove your personal belongings. Then, check the vehicle for valuable parts and remove them, as well as the license plates. But don’t worry, Cash Scrap Cars will inspect your car and inform you in case anything important is left inside.

What parts of a scrap car are the most valuable?

If your car has GPS, consider it a valuable part. The fenders, doors, bumpers, airbags, catalytic converters, wheels, tires, and rims are also some of the most valuable features found in a car.

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Don’t want to hassle with towing your vehicle to a car wrecker? Or, maybe you can’t find one to give you the kind of cash you’d like. Give Cash Scrap Cars a call and we’ll make you an offer. We collect vehicles from every suburb in Sydney and pay fast cash. So fast, you get paid on the spot. And, you never pay for our car removals Sydney or car disposals. Give us a call or complete our enquiry form at the top right of this page.

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