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Sell your unwanted car Abbotsford wide at Cash Scrap Cars.  We are your professional car buyer that will pay cash for your vehicle today.  Our services are outstanding and we have the history of making high payouts on any make and condition of vehicle.  Give us a call today and get up to $9999 instant cash.  It is that easy when you call the professionals- Cash Scrap Cars!

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 Cash for Cars Abbotsford, Sydney

Whether near or far in Abbotsford, Cash Scrap Cars will pay you cash for your unwanted vehicle.  How do we do it?  We are professional auto buyer and wreckers that can make a cash deal on any vehicle that an owner would like to sell.  Our system is one that is simple-


Our cash for cars system has earned us the reputation in Abbotsford, Sydney as being a fair and respected car buying company to sell your unwanted car to.

We buy:


And, always pay cash!

 Free Car Removal Abbotsford

Cash Scrap Cars offers free car removals Sydney wide.  We guarantee you will never be charged a collection or disposal fee, and that we will

provide you with our cash offer at the time we collect your vehicle.

Our free car removals Abbotsford are easy to schedule as our removal specialists work around the clock to ensure the most convenience to our customers.

 Eco-Friendly Car Disposals Abbotsford

Forget about taking your vehicle to the wrecking yard.  When you call Cash Scrap Cars, you don’t have to pay a towing company, nor do you have to transport the vehicle to us.  We are your Car Removal Sydney in Abbotsford that not only collects your vehicle for free, but also disposes of it for free.  You won’t hear that your vehicle has to have certain parts under the hood, or be a certain make and model for us to buy and dispose your vehicle.  We buy all makes and conditions of vehicle.

Our eco-friendly car disposals are how we put the most cash in your pocket on your car removal.  We don’t just pull a few parts and crush the metal.  We recycle nearly 100 percent of all vehicles to ensure that we are the eco-friendly car recycling company in Abbotsford that puts the most cash in our customers’ pockets.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose us for you choose a company that works for you.  We are established and a company that believes in offering the most convenient means to sell your unwanted car.  When you choose Cash Scrap Cars, you choose a company that:

  • Pays Cash for Cars, Trucks, Vans, Utes, 4x4s, Commercial Vans, SUVs, Bikes
  • Pays Cash Paid on the Spot – Up to $9999 Instant Cash
  • Free Upfront Quotes
  • Free Car Removals
  • Easy to Schedule Car Collections

We are a company that is fully licensed and insured and always brings the green with us at the time of your car collection.

Our motto is to make you the best offer on your vehicle no matter what its condition, simply because we are the expert car buyers and auto wreckers in Abbotsford.

Why Sell Your Old Car?

As we advance further with technology, we develop new and better ways of doing things. As a result, we become more efficient and develop convenient ways of going around with our daily routine. This is also true with our cars. 

As technology advances, we develop better and cheaper ways to power our cars. As a result, cars nowadays are a lot lighter, runs on less petrol and emit lesser carbon than their predecessors. This alone would be enough to switch your old model car to a more modern and nature-friendly auto.

Switch your old, unused car to thousands of dollars with Cash Scrap Cars – where the environment is taken into major consideration. 

Modern cars are rich in features that some of them could even run without a driver’s assistance. Functions such as self-parking or parking aid, lane departure alarm, 360° field of vision, and android auto or apple CarPlay, are some features that can only be seen on modern cars. 

Getting some of these features in an old car can be very expensive and may be grounds for your insurance to forfeit your coverage.

Over the past few months, petrol prices were also skyrocketing that it is taking out so much out of everyone’s pockets. Nowadays, driving a gas guzzler is simply a luxury that most people cannot afford. 

If you are driving an old model, there is no better time to get rid of your old car and trade it with a new, more budget-friendly vehicle. A modern car with a lighter body and a smaller yet sufficient engine can save you a fortune in petrol consumption.

Call our hotline today at  0432 555 143 and we will get your old car out of your garage.

What happens to the car that I just sold?

Every car that enters our yard is carefully processed so that we can extract as much material as we possibly can. All of these different materials are segregated and recycled. Some of the extracted materials are different kinds of metal, rubber, plastic, and semi-conductors. Other cars that are still roadworthy, given a new leash in life, and will be reconditioned to be sold as a used car. 

You are benefiting from the sale by earning cash and helping the world by saving resources and providing job opportunities for people who depend on the recycling trade. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Would you not agree?


Here are a few questions we commonly get from our clients.

What do I need to do to sell my car to you?

You need not do anything except call us. Make sure that you have the necessary papers for the vehicle. Once we have agreed on the terms and the price, we will take care of the rest. 

We can also arrange to have your car picked up from wherever it is located, with no extra charge. It’s that simple. No fuzz and no hassle.

You do not need to worry about the payment as well. We can hand you the cash upon collecting your car or have the money transferred to your bank account. 

You do not need to clean or prep up the car. Just leave it as is, and we will handle it. It is practically that simple. So give us a call and get some extra cash in your pocket.

How much do you offer for old cars?

First, we have to evaluate what condition your car is in. We need to get its year, make and model, and odometer reading. 

We also need to have an idea as to what the car’s overall condition is. Is it running? Is it stored in a covered space, or was it left out under the weather? 

These would help us get a feel as to how much we could offer you. You can rest assured that we will give you a deal you could never refuse. 

We provide a very accurate appraisal and open rates that other yards could not compete with. In addition, we give cash immediately once everyone has agreed to the deal. 

We hold no surcharges or deductions whatsoever. Whatever price we have agreed upon, that would be the amount you will take with you.

Do you buy total wrecked cars?

We buy all sorts of cars. New and old alike. We even accept vehicles that are still okay for scraps – wrecked cars, among others. 

We will certainly buy it as long as materials can still be recovered from the vehicle. However, wrecked cars are priced a little lower than those running and are appropriately maintained. Wrecked cars are cheaper simply because they are ruined, and they hold less value than running and usable vehicles.

Do you have any old cars you might be willing to part with? Give us a call, and we might make your day today.

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