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At Cash Scrap Cars, car recycling doesn’t mean just removing a few parts and scrapping the vehicle. It means an eco-friendly car recycle that puts the green in your pocket. Eco-friendly means recycling the vehicle nearly to or completely 100 percent. That’s what we do at Cash Scrap Cars. Depending on different factors about your vehicle like any precious metals, high demand salvagable parts and the weight and size of the vehicle, it could be worth up to $9999 cash. Give us a call today and we’ll make you an offer on your scrap, accident, just or wrecked vehicle.

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Car Recycling

Car recycling Sydney

With over a decade of experience in the auto recycling business, we have the experience that does make a difference. Not only in the manner in which we dispose of a vehicle, as well as our connections within the industry, but in the manner that we put the most cash in the hands of our customers. We are a team of auto wrecking experts that know vehicles, know how to wreck vehicles and therefore know how to get the most cash out of vehicles.

We buy all types of vehicles- some retired from the road, some scrap, some rusted out, some so badly damaged in an auto accident they aren’t worth the cost of repairs, others are just unwanted. Whatever the condition, make and model of your vehicle, we will buy your unwanted vehicle.

Eco-Friendly Car Recycling

Cash Scrap Cars adheres to Australian recycling laws and regulations and we have the relevant permits to recycle and process your unwanted cars ethically. Our recycling system is so advanced that we can take any vehicle and make good green cash out of it. Our eco-friendly recycling also protects the environment from its dangerous contaminates, fluids and wastes as it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Old Car Recyclers Sydney

At Cash Scrap Cars, our staff is well trained and experienced in ethical recycling processes together with air conditioning degassing, used oil disposal, scrap metal, which includes both ferrous and nonferrous metal recycling. We are considered experts in the industry and we love what we do.

Our goal is to salvage and recycle the parts under the hood of the vehicle for reuse and resell. The demand for salvaged and recycled parts is high, and this process allows us to put more cash in your hand. Once we have removed the parts, we then remove the fluids, fuel and liquid in the vehicle, draining each and then safely transport the waste to the liquid waste handling centre. Once the wastes are gone, the hazardous elements like the batteries are removed. Our advanced car recycling system is one that is truly eco-friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Car Recycling Sydney

Although we make cash for scrap cars offers over the phone, our handlers will thoroughly inspect the vehicle once they arrive to remove the vehicle from a property. Once inspected, the vehicle owner is paid and we transport the vehicle back to our wrecking yard. Whatever remaining metal parts are still with the vehicle, we will recycle along with all the steel from the vehicle.

Cash Scrap Cars cars about the environment and that is a guarantee as we only employ the most experienced recyclers in Sydney.

We assure you that your vehicle will be wrecked by the best industry specialist and processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Car Recyclers

We welcome vehicle owners to give Cash Scrap Cars a call. We are the car buyer that is the eco-friendly recycler and pays good cash on unwanted vehicles. When a timely car removal in Sydney matters, and one that leaves you with good cash on your unwanted vehicle, give Cash Scrap Cars a call.

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We buy scrap, accident, wrecked and junk cars for up to $9999 cash!

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