Sell your Car for Cash the quick and easy way

Posted On December 20th, 2018

Got a car that’s no longer roadworthy? We can take it off your hands – and pay you CASH while we do. We pay up to $9,999 for cars depending on their condition.

What’s scrap is not crap

As a Cash for Car dealer whose been in the business for more than a decade, we see scrap the way many don’t. As an enterprise – also a service to our customers that we perform.

Service is what it’s all about

Today, no matter what business you’re in, you won’t win until you get one thing right- Service. At Cash Scrap Cars we know who we serve. Everyone.

We serve our customers, we serve our staff. We serve Government regulatory bodies (we are licensed cash for Car Dealer and Car Wreckers).

We serve all the people who make us successful. Our customers being chief among them, of course.

sell your car for cash

The environment matters to us

We are as dependent on it as you are. When we dismantle old cars, we ensure we do so with care. We drain parts of oil, sludge and slump – disposing of them carefully.

We strip metal of paint (it’s usually toxic) using specialised instruments and processes.

Only when the metal is free of toxicity do we send it off to metal recycling plants who melt it into recycled metal sheets that new items are fashioned from.

An interest that goes beyond just cars

At Cash Scrap Cars, we buy cars. We also buy vans, trucks, utes, Jeeps and 4 wheel-drives. The condition & brands of your vehicle don’t matter. We will give you a fair price for it – you can be sure of that. Our prices are based on what the market price of Scrap Metal is. So, they may vary from time to time.

How cash for car companies work?

  • You call us – we give you a quote for your vehicle over the phone itself. Our process is quick and easy and can be completed within minutes.
  • If you’re happy with the price we offer you, we will arrange a time to do a final inspection on your car following which we will hand over the agreed-upon cash amount and tow your car away. Our Car Removals are free, so you don’t have to worry about paying us for towing your car away.
  • That’s really it- we are reliable, we are punctual- our staff will turn up at the appointed time, collect the papers, hand over the cash and take your vehicle away

Got a car to sell?

We’d be happy to take it off your hands. If you’d like us to do that, please call us now at 0432 555 143 and we’ll be over to your place to pick it up – in a jiffy. We are open 24 hours – 365 days a year! You don’t come to us, we come to you! Call us at 0432 555 143

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