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You are at the place to get the best price on your unwanted car. Cash Scrap Cars buys cars, trucks, 4WDs, Utes, Vans, SUVs, commercial vehicles and bikes and pays up to $9999 cash. Vehicle owners of every make and model, year and condition simply give us a call, and we’ll make a cash offer on the vehicle. We are a car removal company in Blackheath that makes selling your car a hassle-free process.

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We are fully licensed and insured and have years of experience in the business.

Cash Scrap Cars Blackheath

Selling scrap cars at Cash Scrap Cars means instant cash and no hassles. We are a car removal company in Blackheath that specialises in scrap car buying as we are the wreckers that can get the most value from vehicles. Our cash for scrap car offers is fair, reaching as much as $9999 instant cash and only take a phone call.

What Makes My Scrap Car Worth Cash?

Scrap cars have many ferrous and non-ferrous metals that make them valuable when recycled. Parts like your catalytic converter may have Platinum that is considered a precious metal and is valuable when recycled. Other metals in your parts and vehicle include Titanium, Copper, Aluminum, and Iron that can all be recycled. Vehicles are also made up of 65 percent steel that can be recycled.

Cash Scrap Cars knows how to get the best value from your vehicle, recycling it for its metals, including all precious metals so that vehicle owners get the most for their unwanted vehicle.

Our Wreckers

Our wreckers have years of experience in the business and operate a state of the art wrecking yard that allows them to put their talent to good use and dismantle and recycle a vehicle nearly 100 percent. The vehicle will be stripped and then the parts, metals and components will be recycled and reconditioned for reuse and resell. It is a system that practices the green principles of car recycling Blackheath, so our customers are assured that they not only get the best value on the disposal of their vehicle, but also the peace of mind that they are not damaging Mother Earth.

Why Choose Cash Scrap Cars Blackheath?

We are a company that puts instant cash in the hands of our customers. Our car removals extend to all suburbs in Blackheath and are offered at times that are convenient for our customers. We are a company that:

  • Makes instant cash estimates on vehicles
  • Comes to the location of our customers in Blackheath to inspect and remove their vehicle for free
  • Pays instant cash on all makes and models of any age and condition
  • Quotes and pays up to $9999 instant cash at the time we perform free car removals
  • Provides all the paperwork to make the deal legal and all liability of the vehicles sold to Cash Scrap Cars our responsibility
  • Offers quick and convenient car removals that are always free
  • Offers eco-friendly car disposals and green auto recycling that does practice the green principles of auto recycling

We are a company that does offer our customers the best value for their unwanted vehicle of any condition.

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For more information on Cash Scrap Car services, or to receive an instant cash quote on vehicles, just give us a call at the number below. We also provide cash quotes through our “Get a Quote” form that is located on our web page.

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