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We are Erskine Park’s favourite Cash For Car Dealer who specialise in car removals, free car tow service & cash for junk or scrap car.

Residents of Erskine Park – good news. If you have a car you aren’t using – for whatever reason – there is a cash for cars buyer who is willing to take it off your hands for FREE.

We pay cash for cars, paying up to $9,999 cash – depending on its condition.

Call us at 0432 555 143

Cash Scrap Cars Is A Cash For Car Dealer That Believes In Fair Process & Price

We assure you of:

  • A thorough and fair assessment of your vehicle.
  • A price that is on par – or above – what the marketplace will offer.
  • A clear explanation of our price and why it is the best we can offer you-you are entitled to it.
  • No bullying, cheating or intimidation during the sale process – we are very clear – we do not ‘pressure’ sell our point of view to our clients – if you do not wish to sell us your car, we will respect your decision. All our cash for cars quotes is non-obligational, meaning the decision is totally up to you.
  • Prompt payment of cash. When you want quick cash and a fast car sale, we are the ones who can make that happen for you.
  • Dignity and fair treatment during the sale process – we will never assume you are shot on cash just because you want to sell your car and will never treat you with anything less than utmost respect – that is our promise to you!

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A Car is Cash – Get Instant Cash for Your Car Plus A Free Car Removal Erskine Park

Every car has some value attached to it. If this value is less than, or equal to, the cost of a tow, it is all we will be able to offer you – a FREE Towaway Service.

If, however, the value of the car exceeds the cost of a FREE towaway service, then we will be able to offer you a cash for cars offer.

How we valuate cars

  • We look at the condition your vehicle is in.
  • We calculate the resale value of the car parts.
  • We look at the value that the metal body may fetch us in the market (Note: this value fluctuates – so that is why the price dealers’ offer also fluctuates). Sometimes you may be offered more for your vehicle and sometimes less. It all depends on the market dynamics in play at the time.
  • We then make you an offer – if you accept our cash for cars offer, we close on it – and promptly give you your money via cheque or Bank Transfer, whichever you prefer.

We accept all vehicles – all brands, all models – the condition of the car does not matter

Your car may be damaged, it may have been involved in a fatal accident, it may lack rego, it may simply be lying unused in your garage. Whatever the reason, we are happy to take it off your hands.

We buy:

Get Your Free Cash For Cars Quote – Nothing to Pay

What does it cost you to call us and get a quick valuation for your car? Absolutely nothing. We are interested in all cars – no matter what their condition is. Simple people, we see value where others don’t. Scrap cars and junk cars are how we make our living.

If you have an unwanted, used or damaged car that you want to get rid of – please give us a call at Cash Scrap Cars on 0432 555 143

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