I Have a Scrap Car. What Can I Do With It

Posted On February 1st, 2016

Scrap cars can be a eyesore. If there is no engine, you could possibly turn the vehicle into a planter box. Even at that, it likely won’t be the lawn attraction that adds any value to your home. You could scrap it, but if you don’t want to pay for towing, then that is out, as well. The best option may to be to sell the vehicle to a car removal company. Selling the vehicle to a car removal company means that you’ll get a free car removal and cash for your vehicle. That is, as long as you sell the vehicle to a car removal company that offers these services. Cash for Scrap Cars buys vehicles and offers free car removals.

Selling Your Scrap Car to A Car Removal Company

When you sell your scrap car to a car removal company, you have an immediate buyer. You don’t have to hassle with all the inconveniences of finding a buyer or getting the car towed to a wrecking yard. You don’t even have to load the vehicle to have it inspected to receive a cash quote. The system is one that is fast and simple and one that pays instant cash on a vehicle.

  1. Call Cash Scrap Cars for a cash quote. If you don’t want to hassle with the call, then complete our “Get a Quote” form located on our web page. Just fill in the details about your vehicle, and we’ll make you a cash offer.
  2. Accept or reject our offer. We will make you an offer up to $9999 cash. If you are unsure as to whether you’d like to take us up on our offer, then shop around. If you don’t find an offer as good as ours, give us a call back.
  3. Schedule a free car removal. Our car removal specialists work around the clock offering free car removals in all suburbs of Sydney. This convenience means vehicle owners can schedule a car removal at any hour and any day of the year.
  4. Remove the plates from your vehicle. We do require that the plates to the vehicle be removed. However, if for some reason you are unable to remove the plates, our car removal technician will remove the plates when they arrive to inspect and pay you cash for your scrap car.
  5. Have your title of ownership and photo ID ready for our car removal specialist.
  6. Count your cash.

It is that easy to sell your scrap car to Cash Scrap Cars.

What Will You Do With My Scrap Car

Cash Scrap Cars is an expert car wrecker, so when we collect a vehicle, we collect the vehicle to recycle. We transport the vehicle back to our wrecking yard where we go right to work salvaging and recycling the vehicle. Once the parts and steel, as well as any precious metals are recycled, they will be reused and resold.

I Want A Car Removal Today!

Then, give Cash Scrap Cars a call. We will make you a cash offer and collect your vehicle and pay you the cash amount the day of your call.

Call us at 0432 555 143

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