What Paperwork Do You Need to Scrap a Car?

Posted On May 17th, 2019

Car Scrapping Companies (also known as Cash for Cars and Car Removals) offers many advantages to Car Sellers. They make the sale of their Unwanted Car streamlined, fast and hassle-free in several ways.

One of these ways include providing essential paperwork, but with that said there are a few things that Car Sellers must provide themselves.
In the following, we will take a look at what paperwork and details car owners must provide when selling their vehicle to a Cash for Cars Company.

What Details Must I Provide a Cash for Cars Company About My Car?

Car Owners in New South Wales must provide certain documents to Cash for Cars company. Namely, these are:

  • Your Photo ID such as Driver’s License
  • Your Vehicles Ownership Papers
  • Your Vehicle’s Title

What If I Don’t Have the Right Documents for a Cash for Cars Company?

Luckily, all good Cash for Cars companies can provide and arrange the necessary documents for the sale of your car. This is just one way that genuine Cash for Cars companies make the sale of your car fast, easy and hassle-free.

When the Car Removal Experts arrive at your location, they will have with them the right documentation so that you can have your car sold and removed in no time.

What Documents Cash for Old Cars Removals Company Don’t Require

Unlike most Car Buyers, Authentic Cash for Old Car Removals Companies don’t require certain documentation. This includes registration papers because Cash for Cars companies purchases both registered and unregistered vehicles.

Even more advantageous is that Old Car Removals companies don’t require a Roadworthy Certificate – this is because they buy vehicles of all types and more importantly – in all conditions. Your car could be so damaged that it is virtually scrapping metal and a reputable Cash for Cars company will gladly purchase it from you without a hitch.

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What Details Do I Need to Give Old Car Removals Companies to Obtain an Instant Quote?

Luckily, Cash for Cars Companies can provide an ‘Instant Quote’ over the phone or online without having to actually see your vehicle in person. Their Car Appraisals do require a few details about your vehicle, the more you provide the more accurate the quote will be.

Some details about your car you may be asked about include:  Your Car’s

  •  Condition
  • Make
  • Model
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Age
  • Odometer Reading (KM’s)

How Does the Cash for Cars Process Work?

The Cash for Cars process is extremely appealing to many Car Sellers because it is so quick and hassle-free. In a few simple steps, your car will be sold and removed free of charge.

The process is as follows:

  • Get an Instant Quote for Scrap Cars online or over the phone. If you accept your Cash for Cars offer, you can then schedule your Free Car Removal.
  • Get Paid Top Cash for Cars. This will happen after your Car Removal Experts arrive at your location.
  • Free Car Removal. The whole process can be finished in under an hour.

Contact Cash Scrap Cars today at 0432 555 143 or online.

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