Why Should You Recycle Your Unwanted Car In Sydney

Posted On June 24th, 2016

Cars that add to landfill are detrimental to the environment and the alternative is to recycle it. Adding to landfill increases environmental issues as toxic liquids from the car leach into the ground polluting the environment. By recycling your unwanted car you are making an eco-friendly decision and making some money out of it too. Cash Scrap Car will remove your old car at no charge and give you cash for it. Here are some of the reasons why you may consider recycling your unwanted car in Sydney.

Be Environmentally Conscious

 Allowing your car to become landfill is bad news for the environment. Your car contains fluid which will seep out which is potentially hazardous for the environment. Other materials also pose a risk to the environment. A more eco-friendly choice would be to let a car disposal company take care of it. They have recycling processes in place and will salvage parts to sell. Scrap metals can be melted down and used to make other items. All waste materials will be disposed of correctly minimising the risk to the environment.

Useless Cars Have Useful Parts

 Even though your old car is useless to you, an auto wrecking technician has the expertise to salvage useful parts and materials. A car removal service can take all the hassle out of car disposal. They will then resell the parts and melt down the metals for profit. To make it easier they will come to you and tow your vehicle away.

Make Our Roads Safer

 Don’t keep your car on the road if it’s not roadworthy. It can be dangerous for you and other road users. Over time cars age and can emit pollution which is bad for the environment. If you recycle your car you can earn some fast cash to put towards your next car. Get in touch with your local car removal service for a cash offer.

Other Purposes for Rubber

 Tyres that have been worn down or blown out can be used in the scrap yard. Technicians will make it into crumb rubber. This can then be used to produce new rubber or for other purposes including shoes, mats and other rubber items. Another use for crumb rubber is as a fuel, it can be burnt in place of fossil fuels.

 To protect the environment it’s advisable to recycle your scrap car. You will also make some extra cash by getting rid of your car with a car removal company. Cash Scrap Car makes the process a breeze by coming to you no matter where you are in Sydney.


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